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From normal travel pictures to the weird, with some off beat places to visit online.
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Desktop Background Pictures
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Travel Pics

lp patch oae.gif To view travel pics, just click on the Flag to view that Countries pics.
Antarctica flag_antarctica01.gif, Austria flagaustria1.gif, Germany flaggermany1.gif,
Ireland flagireland1.gif, Italy flagitaly1.gif, Liechtenstein flagliechtenstein1.gif,
San Marino flagsanmarino1.gif, Switzerland flagswitzerland1.gif, Vatican flagvatican1.gif. and other lacations.
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lp bridge piller 2.jpg Weird
To view pics of this Weird Wild World we live in, just click on the catagory and off you go.
Aerospace, Animals, Automobiles, Art Deco, Artifacts 9-11, Bridges, Buildings, Gargoyles, Giants, Industrial, Maritime, Military, Motorcycles, Murals, Museums, Objects, Plants, Presidents, Public art, Signs, Stain Glass, Trains, Weathervane, Water Towers, Wooden larry head.gif lp link waymark.gif
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