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Rubber City HOG
American Roadside Oddities Waymarking.com provides GPS waypoints
all over the world

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Lat/Lon Conversions Red Light Camera Locations Evolve Fish

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America's National Byways The Smithsonian Institution,
the world's largest museum
Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses

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Army, Air Force and Navy Exchange All Service On Line Exchange Defense Commissary
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OEM, Aftermarket &
Replacement Smart Parts
SMART MADNESS Smarts R us Car Accessories

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American Automobile Association

Web Sites To help keep You Informed...
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BPA usage chart
Right Click on Chart to View
Refdesk.com, web-based reference resources. Periodic Table of the Elements

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National Public Radio
Only Oasis in America for Real News and
Information and Civil Debate without all that
Shouting and Mud Slinging!
Public Broadcasting Service
Only Oasis in America for Real News and
Information and Civil Debate without all that
Shouting and Mud Slinging!
Public Radio International
Information and Insights from around the World!

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Mother Jones investigative,
political, and social justice reporting.
FactCheck.org helps us hold politicians accountable. GlobalSecurity.org,
a trusted source of military information.

Important Veterans web sites below...
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Veterans of Foreign Wars Armed Forces Recreation Centers
(AFRC) Worldwide

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American Legion Fleet Reserve Association Disabled American Veterans

Important Government web sites below...

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Magazine of the U.S. Navy Social Security Online Defense Finance and Accounting Service

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Federal Jobs and Employment Information VA Healthcare System of Ohio VA Healthcare System of Ohio

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Library of Congress The White House Supreme Court of the United States

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WebYield Free search engine optimization tools
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JAVASCRIPT KIT Free Javascripts FlamingText.com is a FREE logo design tool

animated flag images by 3dflags.com

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Animated flag images by 3DFlags.com Dynamic Drive DHTML scripts Link to Freewarejava.com

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