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Byrd Surface Camp, Antarctica!

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Quiz: What is the Territorial name for the land where Byrd Surface Camp (station) is located?
Byrd Surface Camp and some Olde Antarctic Explores.
Pentex K1000
Date 1993
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400 black table cell bar.jpg McMurdo station survival school or “Happy Camper School”, three days two nights to survive on the Ross Ice Shelf. Pictured is a Scott Tent.. ant byrd camp 02 happy camper.jpg
ant byrd camp 03 happy camper.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg This is our kitchen and table for the next three days.
400 black table cell bar.jpg We built an Igloo and also had a more modern tent to sleep in. Never thought I would have a class in Igloo 101, but as it turns out the Igloo is the way to stay and the modern tent is the worst.

The mountian in the background is the active volcano Mt. Erebus.
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ant byrd camp 04 surface.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg The only way to fly, New York Air National Guard is how to travel between camps, stations and New Zealand. C-130, on skis, is being refueling at Byrd Surface Camp.
1225 black table cell bar.jpg Arrival at Byrd Surface Camp as it looked like upon arrival (November 93) to open for another season. Home Sweet Home for the next month, the camp will be open for three months. The Flag or what’s left of it is all that’s left from last years season. We brought a new one.

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ant byrd camp 08 surface.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg Pictured is the Crew of eight OAEs (Old Antarctic Explorers) to make Byrd Surface Camp operational and ready use for science groups. Today was a warm and sunny day about 28f or -2c so we broke out the flamingo, palm tree and shorts.
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ant byrdbeach1.jpg 600 black table cell bar.jpg Me.
400 black table cell bar.jpg That’s better, a new flag and new paint. ant byrd camp 16  subsurface.jpg
ant byrd camp 06 surface.jpg ant byrd camp 09 surface.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Unloading supplies from a C-130, first time for everything. ant byrd camp 10 surface.jpg
ant byrd camp 11 subsurface.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg Sunday is our day off and look what we found…the entrance tube to the 1961-1972 Byrd Sub-Surface Camp. Just happened to have a torch cutter and we are in. I did not have a flash for my camera so only have pics above ground.
400 black table cell bar.jpg Retrieved a few artifacts the welcome booklet below is one. Click on the book to read contents.    larry byrd book 01.jpg ant byrd camp 12 subsurface.jpg
ant byrd camp 13 subsurface.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg Christmas card artifact, just right click below image to select "view". byrdxmascard.jpg
ant byrd camp 14 subsurface.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg Soda cans and a beer can artifact below. ant byrd camp 15 subsurface.jpg
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Answer to Quiz ==> Marie Byrd Land.