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Quiz: What countries border Liechtenstein?
Vaduz Liechtenstein.
Pentex K1000
Date 2000
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400 black table cell bar.jpg Vaduz Castle, originaly a medieval fortress, is the residence of the Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein. liechtenstein 48890_11.jpg
liechtenstein 48890_16_17.jpg 800 black table cell bar.jpg St. Florinīs Parish Church.
The neo-Gothic parish church of Vaduz was built between 1868 and 1873 on the site of a medieval chapel.
The Government Building called the "Large House". Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy. liechtenstein 48890_14.jpg
liechtenstein 48890_22dt.jpg 400 black table cell bar.jpg Gardens around Vaduz Liechtenstein.

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More gardens around Vaduz Liechtenstein.
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Bust of composer
Josef Gabriel Von Rheinberger
1839 - 1901.

400 black table cell bar.jpg Rock fountian with a brick and cobble stone smily face upper right. liechtenstein 48890_21.jpg
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Answer to Quiz ==> Countries border Liechtenstein are Switzerland and Austria.