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McMurdo Station, Antarctica!

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Quiz: If Antarctica's ice sheets melted, the world’s oceans would rise by how much?
McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Winter Over.
Pentex K1000
Date 1993-1994 Winter Over 1 year.
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Just a few maps to help you find your way.
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400 black table cell bar.jpg Ice road to McMurdo Station from the ice runway made on sea ice from McMurdo Sound in the Ross Sea about 10 to 12 feet thick. ant mcmurdo 01.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg McMurdo’s indigenous wildlife, close-up of an Adelie penguin. ant mcmurdo 02.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Just a small ice burg locked up in the annual ice in McMurdo Sound. ant mcmurdo 03.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Close-up of a snowdrift.

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400 black table cell bar.jpg Hut Point at McMurdo Station (77°46'S 166°51'E) is the location of Scott’s Hut or Discovery Hut and was a main staging point for Scott’s Antarctic Expeditions 1901 – 1913. ant mcmurdo 05.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Adelie penguins and me chillin at Hut Point at McMurdo Station. ant mcmurdo 06dt.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg New Zealand’s Scott Base from the Ross Ice Shelf. This is also close to the polar plunge 100-degree club. During the antarctic winter jump in the seawater (27f) with the air temperature (-73f) 100-degree difference, now that’s cold. ant mc scot 01.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg From the deck of the ice cutter USCG Polar Sea WAGB-11 clearing a navigable channel in the sea ice to allow ships to deliver supplies to many Stations via McMurdo Station. ant mcmurdo 10.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Ross Sea exposed and with exposed water comes opportunities.

Below is a killer whale and a few penguins or lunch on ice delivered.
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400 black table cell bar.jpg Clear out the sea ice and look what sails in. ant mcmurdo sailboatdt.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Start digging! ant mcmurdo 17.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Now that's a snowdrift! I was trapped in side for a day and a half. ant mcmurdo 18dt.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Noon at McMurdo some time in July (middle of antarctic winter no sun), getting ready for the mid-winter airdrop to resupply. ant mcmurdo 19.jpg
400 black table cell bar.jpg Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. ant mc southpole1.jpg
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Answer to Quiz ==> 200 - 210feet (60 - 65meters) - everywhere.